Conceptualizing Two Development Approaches and Applicability in the Context of Reality

This paper attempts to reflect the understanding of the concept of Sustainable Livelihood Approach (SLA) in the changing development dynamics. Critical understanding of existing policies, principles, and models of different development agencies will be useful in understand the existing concepts. In addition, examining linkages between SL and right to food, food security, hunger, and food sovereignty could reveal missing elements of the existing concept of SLA. Nonetheless, the power relationship between power-holders and the powerless could be a potential area to look at loop holes for sustainability of livelihoods approach.

In addition, the paper will find some common goodness and applicability from the Rights Based Approach (RBA) and SLA. Alike, SLA, RBA is growingly introduced and practiced by development institutions and agencies. Skeptics may argue RBA is a “jargon” or a “buzz” word and its conceptual area could be fuzzy and blur, and could be replaced by some other fashionable jargons in the next couple of years. Therefore, keeping cynical arguments in mind the paper could find some areas of application of RBA to livelihood.

The objectives of this paper are i) to understand the existing frameworks on SLA, ii) to develop a conceptual guideline for RBA, ii) to build understanding on essentials and components of RBA, iii) to examine food security and sovereignty issues in the context of neoliberal policies, and iv) to consider new age challenges. The paper would find some missing elements of SLA that would need attention for an effective development intervention. On the other hand, critical analysis from rights perspective could truly address causes of deprivation and poverty.

(You can request for pdf file of the paper by email)


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