The challenge of hunger: the 2008 Global Hunger Index

With high food prices threatening the food security of millions of vulnerable households, hunger and malnutrition are back in the headlines. Some regions have made significant headway in combating hunger and malnutrition, but in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, the Global Hunger Index (GHI) remains high. Food prices appear likely to remain high in the near term, leading to food and nutrition insecurity for poor people. In this risky and changing environment, this paper highlights key trends and the geographic areas of greatest vulnerability.

In order to overcome the crisis, the authors note that specific actors should be assigned to precise responsibilities. In the process, governments and institutions can then be held accountable for their actions. Besides short-term solutions, concerned organisations must also address long-term solutions, such as reforming trade rules and biofuel policies. The paper argues that highlighting the weaknesses of the current world food system would enable the food price crisis to serve as a catalyst for building a more effective food system. Such a system would meet the food and nutrition needs of all people.

For detail read,

The challenge of hunger: the 2008 Global Hunger Index, by Grebmer,K., V.; Fritschel,H.; Nestorova,B


One thought on “The challenge of hunger: the 2008 Global Hunger Index

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