Are rights-based approaches the way forward for conservation?

The links between the realisation of human rights and the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity are receiving increasing attention worldwide. Experience has demonstrated that exclusionary approaches to conservation can undermine those same rights of affected communities and can undermine conservation objectives.

The ‘rights-based approaches’ (RBAs) to conservation presented in this document offer a number of positive ways forward, but they also raise a range of new challenges and questions. These include how to define RBAs in practical terms and how to determine what they mean for conservation policy and implementation. The experiences described in this volume make it clear that there is no one recipe for RBAs; however, each case study presents legal, policy, programming, or advocacy strategies that local people, government and NGOs and others can use to better understand their rights and responsibilities…

Are rights-based approaches the way forward for conservation? 


Authors: J. Campese (ed); T. Greiber (ed); T. Sunderland (ed); G. Oviedo (ed); IUCN


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