Unnatural calamities are troubling

Swine Flu is spreading around. Tamil tigers are killed mercilessly as if cleansing virus by antibiotics, wild fires are burning forests and civilization into ashes, swat refugee crisis and killing field, repression and killings in Burma, North Korea nuclear enrichment, militants and rebels in Africa are getting aggressive out of frustration,Taliban and Islamic militants are on edge of despair, increasing cross boarder conflicts, earth quakes are shaking nations indiscriminately, Yellow stone is just waiting for the bell, Iran-Russia ties out of insecurity, Israeli’s desperation out of insecurity, rich nations are shaken by financial quake, jobs cuts shattered dreams of millions to have quality nice life, migrant workers are dying like animals in the construction field without little care, malnutrition children are dying in hunger, maternal mortality rate is rising, communicable and non communicable diseases are killing millions silently.

Flood, storms, drought, land slides, and sea level rise have threatened millions else where in the world. They call it negative impact of climate change. What is the underneath reason of climate change? Is that green house gas emission or something else? Earth quakes one after another in Indonesia, tsunami in Samoa after 2004 wash away, Typhoon Parma following super Ketsana and the latest Mirinae, cyclone victims in Taiwan, unusual cyclone in Fiji, alarming phase of hurricane activity in North America, and frequent earth trembles have been very unkind with the inhabitants of earth these days.

The moments of despair have just arrived. The alarm bell has rung. Moral values are degraded, human values are declined, ethical concerns have been vanished, and Human Conscience is jeopardized by evil gamers in politics, finance, and policies. Now the final battle between evil and good.

Bad guys have powers, chairs, money, influence, control and authority over people in most territories irrespective boarders, which is dangerously undermining good power with conscience. This is an alarming state that accelerates the end or shift whatever.


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