COP 15 drama

COP 15 has launched a great deal of drama. It seems truly a global platform, which engaged actors across the globe to play their role and stage a drama.  Leaked text of privileged group had just begun the sequence. G8 or G20 or OECD kind of platforms could escape from any drama because of absence of poor nations but COP 15 can not avoid this inevitable bargain in the presence of both rich and poor.

Well, G77 and the Association of The  Small Island States are quite uncompromising not to sacrifice. Rich exploits as well manipulates poor, which is something natural and which had been practiced since the beginning of human race. In these modern days of UN conventions as well as global conscience, sugar coated political commitment needs to be little humanitarian to compensate poor and disadvantaged.  Thus, the obvious bargain over fund in the disguise of climate change, biodiversity, adaptation, mitigation, and so on is apparent. Rich wants to pay less to the poor and poor wants justice. History repeats this struggle for existence.

Tempering fund from 200 billion $ to 10 billion $, holding the horse of  carbon emission, and having reasonable slow rise of global temperature up to 2 degrees are the agenda of this ‘Olympic’ type indoor  conference where people are distributed in groups and subgroups to talk on these issues in many different rooms . Leaders from poor countries complain that rich nations are responsible for emissions and they should compensate. Leaders of rich nations do not want to pay that easy. They want to pay less but through institutions and process that may trigger melting. At the end ice is gone.

Rich country’s critics said that rich people live within poor nations too and the nexus of rich as well as elite people hold power structure of poor nations. These power, money, chairs, and the evil eventually undermine and exploit the very poor within the poor states. However, I am not going further into this debate over cycle of exploitation.

Di-Aping, the Sudanese chair of G 77 had been found sticking to the point of bargain. He is not the man to compromise under pressure, if things go wrong, he just walks away.  Small Island Representatives sound little pathetic what they suppose to be. Living withing 2 meters of sea level is not fun.

Special attention and care must be given to such circumstances where people have started experiencing the adversities of climate change. Global communities must not get lost in the politics of climate change and lots of bargain over carbon market, because, its gonna be a stock market that is supposed to melt down sooner or later.

Human rights based approach to climate change must respect the rights of the most disadvantaged and protect livelihoods of these people irrespective boarders at any cost. Thus, the priority is to identify the affected people and communities; and direct interventions to resolve their sufferings are essential. This is not just the time for playing a league tournament for longer time.


I am quoting here the lead negotiator for the small island nation of Tuvalu. I’ve pasted a rough transcription of his words; (

Madame President, I know that you tried to visit Tuvalu, though you did not make it. Had you visited, I think you would understand our position. Our entire population lives within 2 meters of sea level… I understand that we are waiting for the US senate. It is ironic that we are waiting for one country to decide before the international community can move forward. President Obama was currently in Sweden accepting a noble prize, whether rightly or wrongly. For him to honour his noble prize, he should address the greatest threat to humanity, climate change, and the greatest threat to human security, climate change.

This is not just an issue of Tuvalu… millions of people around the world are affected. This is not just Tuvalu. Over the last few days I’ve received calls from all over the world, offering faith and hope that we can reach a conclusion on this issue. Madame President, this is not a media trip for me, I have refused to take media calls on this issue. As a humble servant of the government of Tuvalu, I have to make a strong appeal to you that we consider this matter properly. I don’t want to cause embarrassment to you or the government…

…I want to have for the leaders an option to consider a legally binding treaty. We’ve had our proposal on the table for 6 months. 6 months, it’s not the last two days of this meeting. I woke this morning, and I was crying, and that’s not easy for a grown man to admit. The fate of my country rests in your hands.



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