Green economy another buzzwords or green greed or what

Lots of tall talks are going on around ‘green economy’; earth summit 2012 is about to launch the term in global platform. In this sacred ceremonial the event is attracting range of stakeholders from government, civil societies, and both for profit as well as non-profit entities. They call it global transition to a better world that will maximize well-being and better coping or adapting to environmental changes. This brand new economy may promote alternative model of sustainable development to societies across the world on the basis of three pillars such as social, environmental and economic. Actors joining this ceremony will be awash by green thoughts and back home to hold pillars of this new model. They will be building capacity, coalition, and forums based on the new economic foundation.  The advocates of green economy have learned from the past mistakes that the brown economy had danced to a different tune and could not fulfill the goal for environmental protection and human development.

Lucid dream out of green chaos is to see people on this planet living happy lives. They have lately recognized that GDP growth is a perverse idea because it could not reduce inequality or poverty. This new economic model is assumed to have all in one package available from one stop services, which could be accessible by visa card or MasterCard or even by PayPal account. New green deal offers low-carbon energy appliances, ‘carbon army’, packages of financial innovations, re-regulation of financial system and breaking up discredited ones. It offers safety nets to vulnerable but condition applies whether carbon taxes and revenues from carbon trading are in place. There is an overwhelming message along with the package offer that business as it is today will end up in catastrophic consequences, thus, we need to focus on ‘humane’ model that would make sure justice over natural resources and protect bio-diversity. They promise more and more skills, jobs, technologies, poverty free green societies, and sustainable development built on three pillars.

On the other side of this ‘new deal’, another group of activists is alarming people most particularly marginalized and farmers communities not to step into this new deal of green economy, as Christophe warns there may be, ”…an offensive to create new sources of profit and growth through the “Green Economy” agenda.” Alarm notes also include that Rio 1992 privileged industrialist nations and corporations with intellectual property rights over seeds and genetic resources. It assumed that this time Rio is going to put price tag on services and products that come from biodiversity and ecosystem. This group of activists is calling it “green capitalism”, which has a clear intention to introduce monetary value over services that we get free from nature coining the term ‘biodiversity conservation’, ‘climate regulation’ etc. Structural adjustment similar to 80s may haunt green economy to transform developing countries’ rich biodiversity into commodity. The euphoria of green economy appears to consider all problems on its way like climate crisis, inequality, poverty, failed state, jobless people, mad cows, pirates, bird flues, corrupt governance  as consequences of  ‘market failure’ and a new formula for ‘solution to all problems’ could be provided through green market.

Widely known  arguments seemingly fail to convince international community anymore such as equitable distribution of wealth could reduce inequality and injustice, capability enhancement is the key to human development, egalitarian society could sustain peace and harmony, and sate parties must guarantee human rights to her citizens and rights are not commodities within a territory. Thus, tagging the idea of sustainable development into green economy by manipulating human crisis in the face of climate change, securing green deal with bit of manoeuvring, leveling barcode on natural offerings, abusing intellects to produce tons of papers in favor of such green business, and attracting overenthusiastic delegates from developing countries in this ceremony and use them to hold the pillars of green trade would end in mess. There is no trade-off between trade and justice.


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